Waterfront Development In Halifax

We are lucky to live in one of most beautiful cities anywhere. Especially the beautifully developed historic waterfront. The Halifax Waterfront Development Corporation, now known as Develop Nova Scotia, originated in 1976 and has given Halifax a waterfront that would be hard to rival for a city of it’s size in North America. Nova Scotia may not have the history of cities in Europe but we do have some of the oldest history on this continent.
Present construction of the Queens Marque, a beautiful residential and commercial complex, really caps off the development of the waterfront. Halifax, one of the deepest harbours in the world, is really becoming a great mix of old and new and it’s no wonder that over one hundred cruise ships visit the port each year.

Halifax is one of the most important sea ports on the east coast today as well as being the entry point for over a million immigrants through Pier 21, it’s strategic importance in both world wars and surviving the biggest explosion before the nuclear bomb gives Halifax a history in North America that can’t be matched.

Let’s have a look at some of the historic designs incorporated into the waterfront development.

The Last Steps Memorial
Halifax was a strategic port during both world wars. The Last Steps Memorial is dedicated to those who left Halifax for the battlefields during the Great War.

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