Marconi Trail Scenic Drive

The Marconi Trail, on Cape Breton Island’s eastern coast is a scenic trail, 70 km in length and runs along Nova Scotia Route 255.

The trail is named for Guglielmo Marconi, an inventor and electrical engineer. He is known for his pioneer work on long-distance radio transmissions and on December 17,1902, he sent the world’s first radio message from the Marconi Station in Glace Bay across the Atlantic.

Glace Bay
New Waterford
Sydney river
Reserve Mines

Points Of Interest

Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site Marconi National Historic Site

Cape Breton Provincial Parks

Cabots Landing (Sugarloaf)
Cape Smokey
North River
Lake O Law
Trout Brook
West Mabou Beach
Port Hood Station
Lennox Passage
Pondville Beach
Battery St. Peter’s
Point Michaud Beach
Irish Cove
MacCormacks (Iona)
St Anns
Ross Ferry
Barrachois (Ironville)
Dalem Lake
Groves Point
Mira River (Albert Bridge)
Dominion Beach
Uisge Bàn Falls (Baddeck)
Petersfield (Sydney)

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