Lunenburg Nova Scotia History

This National Historic Site was established by four founding fathers, Patrick Sutherland, Dettlieb Christopher Jessen, John Creighton and Jean-Baptiste Moreau, four years after Halifax was established. The town was one of the first attempts by the British to settle Protestants in Nova Scotia. This was intended to displace Mi’kmaq and Acadian Catholics. British conditions for peace required surrender of Mi’kmaq sovereignty to the Crown. This resulted in Wabanaki groups raiding Lunenburg nine times in the early years of the settlement.

The historic town was designated a United Nations World Heritage Site in 1995. This designation ensures protection for much of Lunenburg’s unique architecture. The town is an example of the best of planned British colonial settlement in Canada.

Town Features and Sponsor Businesses:

Daggers Cove Tattoo – Knives and Barber 35 Falkland St., Lunenburg Nova Scotia
Foundry History Wood Stoves, Newspapers

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