Fundraising For Non Profits

Fundraising is becoming more and more difficult. Competition for the those donations is fierce. We have the services that not only businesses need, but also what most people need. Business needs marketing and exposure to compete and people seek information. We provide solutions for both.

FOUR WAYS to add revenue to your Nova Scotia fundraising efforts.

1. Sell advertising spots and page sponsorships on our site to local businesses. Earn $49 per sale. And if they sign up again next year earn another $49 and so on. We pay a student $25 to post the ad (takes about 10 minutes). And yes we post manually because business is not generic.

We are focused on Nova Scotia and promoting your community.

2. Affiliate programs partnership. We set you up to potentially earn commissions by placing links to the online stores of some of the world’s best known bricks and mortar and online businesses such as eBay, Amazon, Walmart, The Home Depot,, Lego and thousands more. You choose which companies match your mission. Commission earned will be split with you.

3. Sell digital online information products. These are the best of the Internet and have been around for years. Authors pay out normally 25% to 75% in commissions. You choose what topics to sell from your site.

4. Do all or any combination of the three.


Sorry For Non Profits Only

Our goal is to help raise funds for non profits and to create employment. We only partner with non profit organizations.

Why We Split Commissions

Splitting commissions is how we raise money to create employment for students, donate to historical societies and pay for our expenses.

How Affiliate Programs Work

Most big bricks and mortar as well as the Internet’s best known companies allow people and companies with web sites to place links or banners on their sites. When someone clicks on one of those links, banners, search boxes etc., and if that person makes a purchase then a commission is earned.

Commissions are normally paid thirty days after the sale. Most companies pay from 2.5% to 10% in commissions, although there are companies that pay up to 25% in commissions.