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Enfield Grants of land around what is now Enfield were given after 1760. The first was given to Benjamin Franklin, a parcel of land on the side of the Shubenacadie River opposite the main part of the present village. A Mr. Hall was hired by Franklin to take charge of the grant, and to operate a Wayside Inn. The Grand Lake East area was the location of another grant, 2500 acres that was given to Norman Fitzgerald Uniacke.[1] Several men, of the name MacDonell, now own a portion of this land. Another grant of land was given to Jacob Horne Sr., a German who enlisted in the 42nd Highland Regiment. Horne, being familiar with the coast of Nova Scotia, accompanied General Wolfe as a pilot, fighting under him at Quebec in 1758.

The Enfield Heritage Centre was an initiative of the Enfield Branch of the Women’s Institute of Canada.
The Heritage Centre was housed for many years in the former Enfield United Church, which was situated along the Number 2 Highway just down the hill from the E, H, Horne School. The building was demolished in the early 2000s.

The E. H, Horne School Preservation Society approached the Women’s Institute and offer space in the E. H. Horne School for the Enfield Heritage Centre.

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