Advocate Harbour, Nova Scotia


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Advocate Harbour Located in Cumberland County, Nova Scotia and can be found by taking Route 209. It has a small but well-protected fishing harbour opening onto the Bay of Fundy. It is well known for it’s stunning views.

Tourists flock to this area to see and photograph the scenic Cape d’Or Lighthouse and Cape Chignecto Provincial Park. Because of the extreme tidal range, it is well-known as a sea kayaking destination. Thousands of years of coastal erosion has created sea stacks, caves and arches, and a long rocky beach and the community is featured on the Fundy Shore Ecotour.
– Named after an “advocate” of the law.
– Inhabited then destitute of inhabitants for a number of years.
– Seventy years there was not a wagon in the place.
– 1869 new dykes were built of mud and piling
– The first vessel built in West Advocate by a man named Armstrong in the year 1800, was called Windsor.
– Cape D’Or was the first inhabited by Scottish people.
– In Advocate there used to be three churches, eleven fine stores, three hotels, and a restaurant.

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