Historic Places In Nova Scotia

Map of Nova Scotia If you like history, and friendly people, then you will love Nova Scotia. The influences of our Mi’kmaq, Acadian, African, Celtic and Gaelic people give us a unique culture.

Our history includes world renowned Bluenose schooner, ship building experts in Canada, battles, the Halifax Explosion was the largest man made explosion until the Nuclear Bomb. Over one million immigrants landed in Halifax. One hundred and fifty Titanic victims are buried in Halifax. And the history goes on.

Our rugged and beautiful coastline, and a little over 3800 islands, makes us a photographer’s dream. Nova Scotia has 5 UNESCO sites, 3 World Heritage Sites, 1 Canadian Museum of Immigration, 12 National Historic Site attractions and 28 Provincial museums and interpretive centres that emphasize our diverse history.

Browse through the communities below to learn more about Nova Scotia’s historical facts, historical societies and local businesses.

If you would like to contribute to your community’s history page then please contact us. We will add communities if not on the existing list. We want to feature the largest and the smallest Nova Scotia communities.

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